ACT Fibernet Launches The Fastest Broadband Speed in India

Gone are the days when files over 5 GB took days to download.

And gone even are the days when files over 5 GB took hours to download.

You know where we are going with this, right?

That’s right – things have changed. For the better. In fact, you can grab that imaginary 5 GB file in just about 5 seconds, all thanks to ACT Fibernet.

Act Fibernet has launched one of the fastest broadband speed in India.

It Is A Whopping 1 Gbps Speed

On 30th March, ACT announced the launch of the 1 Gbps speed plan in the Hyderabad city.

With this plan, one can download and even upload files at a lightning speed of 1 gigabyte per second. This plan is currently available to the customers of Hyderabad.

Price of this plan is Rs. 5999 every month. There is a 1 TB FUP, which will possibly increase as users onboard.

There’s No Stopping

ACT Fibernet CEO Bala Malladi adds, “we are confident this product will transform the way the Internet is now being consumed at large and will also fast track the Telangana government’s target to connect all its 23 million residents through the Internet by 2018.”

In fact, ACT Fibernet plans to invest anywhere between Rs. 1000 to 1200 crores in the next 2 years to expand its reach in India.

Then, this 1 Gbps speed plan will be introduced to 10 other cities very soon.

Currently, ACT has over 1.2 million customer base. Fair to say, like its broadband speed, ACT is racing to the top very quickly.

To subscribe to this plan, existing customer do not have to pay any extra fee. Except for the cabling change (only the wire that goes from the ACT box to your PC), the process remain as it is.

Many folks at the launch event believed 1 Gbps broadband speed could be truly transformation. Yet when we saw the demo, we actually saw the real transformation.