View 360 Degree, Interactive Panorama of Mars Planet

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After traveling over 350 million miles, at a stretch of eight months, Curiosity landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago. For those who have missed witnessing the surface of Mars, here’s a beautifully designed, interactive panorama of our neighboring planet.

Stunning High Resolution Panorama shots of Mars

Photographer Andrew Bodrov knitted images together and produced an interactive panorama featuring the surface of Mars. All the high resolution pictures of this red planet — taken from the Curiosity rover — have been combined to bring a visually pleasing and detailed panoramic view, accessible both on desktop and smartphones like iPhone.

Andrew’s website, 360cities, is now hosting these panoramic photos. Check it out below:

The panoramic view isn’t completely real — gap between images have been closed, and the whole view has been colored using Photoshop. But still, this is one heck of a wonderful panorama of Mars.

High-res Mars Panorama on iPhone & iPad

Owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can access these panoramic photos on their devices by visiting the link given below. Needless to say, Safari browser is able to render these panoramic images just fine.

Access 360cities

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