Apple Calling Press Conference – iPhone 4 Linked?

By Rahul Dowlath | Apple

Apple today announced that they will be holding a press conference this Friday. In typical 1 Infinite Loop fashion, there isn’t much information available to the masses as to what this event will entail, but given the recent iPhone 4 fiasco, we can expect something along the lines of this new Apple gadget.

When the iPhone 4 launched in July this year, amidst the general hype around what was considered a major step forward in Apple’s mobile unit, reports began flooding in from early adopters of significant signal strength issues. These were later found to be linked to the way a user holds the iPhone 4 resulting in the signal dropping.


After a long period of observing silence on the issue, Apple eventually released a statement detailing that the issue was a software one, and not a hardware one as was expected. The company promised to release a software upgrade to iOS that would make the signal strength indicator show a more accurate picture of the phone’s reception. This has yet to be made available to end-users.

However, in a recent splurge of rumours, reports indicate that Apple is also preparing an 11.6″ MacBook Air (although I’m still to be convinced that this product should be continued). This notebook would feature a low-powered Intel i-Processor (I’m thinking along the lines of an i3 in it).

There’s a second report circulating that suggests an iPod touch revision to include a 3 megapixel camera. Now, there were rumours around the time of last year’s major iPod event in September that Apple was to include a camera in the iPod touch, and these reports were further fueled when it was discovered that there was a dummy slot for a camera in the current iPod touch prototypes. The rumour for a new 2010 iPod touch extends to the possibility of Apple including the new A4 processor in this device, putting its performance on-par with its bigger siblings, the iPhone 4 and iPad.

I’m certainly looking forward to Friday 16 June now, as either way, there will be something exciting coming out of the fortress-like walls of 1 Infinite Loop.

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