OMG! Apple Said Yes to Firefox Sync App

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Hardly anyone would have thought this could be possible because – let’s face it – Apple has been kinda stingy about letting other browsers on its iPhone. So it was really a jaw-dropping surprise that it approved the Mozilla application that have bookmarks synchronized and allow opening of tabs, even with Firefox versions being run elsewhere.

Now, we all know that the Firefox Home application, packaged as Firefox 4, is a result of Firefox Sync which used to be called Weave. Because it allows synchronization of multiple devices, particularly work, entertainment and connectivity to both phone and internet, it’s just about time that Apple gave all the benefits to their loyal following.

With syncing made possible, work and home computers had just made a permanent niche in most people’s lives. This is not to say that PCs, notebooks and laptops aren’t already fixtures in the office and the family room; but rather, with Firefox browsers being made available to literally every computer and gadget, things have become really, really easy to do, to reach and to achieve. They say things can happen with the flick of a finger; well, I’m saying Apple just made great things happen with a click of the mouse! (Or a tap on the phone screen. Or something like that!)

Apple Appstore and Firefox App

As of June 30, Apple app store has started getting really busy with purchases of Firefox Home. Amid all these, Google has also started their works on Chrome-like sync tools. It’s like everyone else will get busy taking advantage of floodgates being opened.

Though this same surprise wouldn’t be available for iOS just yet, I bet the users are keeping their fingers crossed – tightly! For now, at least, those with iOS can settle happily with the release of a version from Mozilla that works great with Nokia devices. Though Mozilla scrapped the Windows Version of Firefox, Nokias running on Maemo OS will have something to look forward to. This is because the MeeGo OS will get the Mozilla version as well. Word has it that the android version is just a few steps away.

Now there’s a point of comparison between Xmarks, the now-ancient browser sync tools, when it comes to going across to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Of course, we cannot expect that all sync is the same and what we get from one, we get from the others as well. As it is, the bookmarks and tabs sync varies noticeably. But just the same, syncing can also extend to passwords, browsing history and other capabilities of the browser.

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