Can the Apple HDTV Survive in 2012?

By Sidharth | Apple

No, this is not another Apple TV box, or another transparent TV concept. This is the actual Apple Television, which is presumably a full-fledged, high-definition beast coming straight out of Apple.

Apple’s entry into the TV domain may seem far-fetched, but in reality, Apple has clasped the idea of bringing HDTV to the market in 2012, according to The Washington Post.

Apple HDTV 2012

Apple HDTV Could Change Everything

Apple is slated to launch HDTV’s in 2012. As one would expect, this HDTV is dressed in Apple style — no more than two wires, elegant screen, and Apple’s HD display, of course.

For now, Apple HDTV feels too outlandish, yes. Also, isn’t it too late for Apple to enter the TV domain? Is it really about surviving in the market? Apple has been a winner in the last couple of years. Let’s view from a different angle: How many people really wanted a tablet in 2009? Not many. And it’s a well-known fact that iPad now is one of the most cherished, and widely used, tablet in the world.

We have seen anything Apple has seen success over the years. And much of the credit goes to Steve Jobs. Remember when Apple waved the smartphone industry quiet with its iPhone? It’s the innovation that counts. And if Apple plans to launch Apple HDTV, that better be the best TV the world has ever seen.

Even though Apple has come up with the most elegant hardware ever imagined, it would be nothing without the software that powers it. Hopefully Apple has a trick or two up their sleeves.

Imagine an Apple HDTV where you no longer have to fiddle with remote, with an elegant platform that uses Siri voice technology, and the HDTV seamlessly syncs data with all your Apple devices. If Apple HDTV inherits iOS platform into its system, it could upend the longstanding gap between PC and HDTV.

While some would come to the conclusion that the TV market is saturated, the incontrovertible fact is, the market lacks innovation. If Apple HDTV launches in the coming months, it has to be build for use rather than to impress.

The folks at Apple need to add a novelty value to the upcoming HDTV. Bringing HDTV to the market, and expecting the consumer to install HDTV, is a challenging task, for it is expensive and not as advanced as computers today are. Can Apple HDTV stand as a winner in 2012? Only time will tell.

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