Apple iOS App Developer Fixes Bugs For Jailbroken Devices

By Sidharth | Apple

Many iOS developers have a strategy: they release new app or game updates in a couple of weeks or so, which is probably beneficial for both the users and the app developers — users get to try out a newer, polished version of the app, so they are likely to use the app more often, while developers can connect with their users, develop trust, and finally draw more visibility to their apps.

In between all these, there are developers — good developers — seeing the world through a different lens. Here’s an interesting story we picked from Reddit, where the company Roofdog Games released an update to their “Extreme Road Trip 2” game.

The update included a lot of bug fixes, but what really hit home was this line: “Fixed saving problems on jailbroken devices.”

Jailbreak Update for iOS Game

Normally, no app developer refines their apps for jailbroken devices, and even if they do it, they don’t really share them with the whole world. As you probably know, Apple doesn’t encourage anything related to jailbreak. In fact, Apple is so strict that when an app sneakily renamed itself to one of the popular jailbreak app, they removed it completely from the App Store.

What’s more is that the Extreme Road Trip 2 game is completely free to download, and if you’d like to give it a shot, here’s the iTunes download link.

Via Reddit

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