Apple iOS Commands Largest Mobile Ad Traffic Share

By Sidharth | Apple

Millennial Media’s latest Mobile Mix report shows that Apple devices receive the most ad requests among all mobile operating systems and the rest are lagging behind by some margin. While Android may be growing by leaps and bounds, advertising and traffic on Apple devices continue to outdo.

Millennial Media is the only independent ad network which comes out with these reports now that AdMob and Quattro Wireless don’t. Millennial has segmented the data based on the number of ads requested on its network. And Nielsen has ratified that the company has access to almost 80 percent of the US mobile audience, which is bettered only by Google or Apple research.

Thus you can bet that this data is pretty accurate as a reflection of the reality. Apple iPhone alone has drawn 55 percent of ad requests in July 2010. Android at 19 percent and RIM at 16 percent lag far behind. Windows Mobile, webOS and others account for the rest of the ad traffic.


It is also notable that Android OS has displaced RIM to take the second spot behind Apple. Another bad omen for the BlackBerry you may say!

The overall ad requests have increased too, which shows that the potential of the mobile platform is being recognized and tapped into to a certain extent. And smartphones are big demand drivers, because now they account for half of all ad requests. Also highlighting Android’s growth is a phenomenal increase of 690 percent in ad requests since the beginning of the year.

This is why even though iPhone still commands a lions share of ad traffic, its share has actually dipped by a small margin. The story is the same for RIM even though ad requests for BlackBerry devices have increased by 66 percent since the start of 2010 as compared to just 15 percent for Apple.

But probably what has helped Apple retain and consolidate its lead is the presence of connected devices such as iPad, iPod Touch etc. These devices alone account for 19% of ad requests. The data shows that the Apple iPad has had a 327 percent rise in ad requests, which is pretty impressive for a new device.

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