Apple iPad 3G Dispatched with the same box as before: Eco-friendly or simply cheap?

By Jim Roberts | Apple

The 3G iPad has finally hit the stores along with the WiFi iPad models. Seems like a good thing for electronic consumers’ right? However, there is some slight rising of brows by some critics regarding the boxes used for the two iPad models. The packaging is not what would usually come from Apple. Basically, Apple is known for some hard knocking surprises once its product is opened.

Apple simply wants to make a statement about the printed boxes by providing two stickers at the back of the box. This, according to iLounge, is just a way to spell out the specific features and capacity of the device contained in the box.

The boxes for the 3G and the WiFi-only versions are totally identical, except for the two stickers at the back of the box with the 3G model. What’s obvious is that at the front of this 3G model box is not the 3G model image.

There are also some other highlights which can be obtained from the ‘unboxing’ of these boxes. First is that the boxes apparently contain identical items but one of the two models has an additional tool for removing the SIM card on the microSIM tray at the left side of the iPad.

Second is that both models, 3G and WiFi, look alike except that the WiFi version has a plastic horizontal bar at the back intended for reception and transmission of radio waves.

Third is that both models are required to be connected to a desktop iTunes for the first time use. There is no feature that would prompt the user to sign up in order to avail subscription services from AT&T. And last of all, there is no automatic setting for the device, meaning the user needs to manually adjust the configuration by Navigating to the Settings menu and choosing ‘Cellular Data’.

Despite this, there are still praises held for the 3G version of iPads. It is said that the 3G model has everything the user would wish to configure in the device, provided that you have a subscription service. There are two prepaid offers from AT&T: 250MB data inclusive in a $15/month plan and unlimited 3G data inclusive in a $30/month plan. Either of the non contract services may be activated or deactivated directly on the iPad device.

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