Is The iPad Capable of Windows Network Management?

By Jim Roberts | Apple

It is true that there has been debates about the functionality and viability of the iPad as an effective business gear. But these arguments would seem very minor compared to the debates being rolled by Apple and Microsoft devotees and fans.

If you even propose that the Apple iPad can be used as an actual instrument for remotely managing a Microsoft Windows network, take heed as that might be considered blasphemy by the two arguing parties. Nevertheless, there are some vital facts to be considered in order to come to reconciliation.

When the iPhone was released, its administrators have fully embraced the fact that it is a powerful device in performing IT tasks due to the fact that iPhones are handy and always at hand, during lunch, off-site meeting or home TV hours, bringing a notebook computer may seem not practical but a sophisticated phone could be.

The iPad’s bigger dimensions than the iPhone may present it to be an inconvenient tool for such purpose but compared to a netbook the iPad  is a more suitable tool. In addition, iPad also solves the limitations of the iPhone. Being thinner that netbooks and with a larger screen than the iPhone, the iPad is surely a potent device for remote networking tasks.

iPad has applications intended for IT administration that Windows administrators will find interesting and suitable. One among which is the “WinAdmin app.” It presents a remote desktop protocol for MS Windows client that allows connection with remote systems utilizing Windows. Through “WinAdmin”, administrators can troubleshoot and address IT issues, perform log reviews or even alter configuration settings. It may also be utilized for accessing files and documents.

If the App Store has numerous gaming and entertainment applications, so does the business applications too. iPad has a special business version that can be used either with Wi-fi or 3G networks. A general consumer may be satisfied with just a Wi-Fi but business professionals are investing and allotting at least 130 dollars for the iPad to have an enabled 3G and insurance policy. A pay per use setting where in the user will only be charged a fee for using 3G when no Wi-Fi is available, then automatically called off when usage is over.

The Array Networks Desktop Direct is on the development process for connecting iPad with MS networks. iTeleport is for streaming remote sessions of Windows or Mac systems.

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