Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Jailbreaking with Jailbreak Tools: More Vulnerable than Ever?

By Jay Shah | Apple

Right, the Apple iPhone 4 has been finally jailbroken with JailbreakME tool and unlocked with Ultrasn0w 1.0-1 and so, you can enjoy using the apps on your iPhone 4 which were hitherto out of reach. While that is definitely a reason to cheer, there is perhaps a greater reason for concern here – the fact that you Apple devices are really vulnerable to hackers.

The ease, with which JailbreakMe rips open the iPhone iOS4, should make you shudder at the disturbing possibilities. Once you log on to the website, the program automatically loads a PDF document which hides a program within a font.

When the iPhone iOS tries to open the PDF, the hidden program causes a stack overflow — which allows the code within the font to gain complete control over your Apple device, whether it is the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch.

The problem is that, a discreetly downloaded program can jailbreak your phone, or basically override the operating system! Think of what else it can do. Transfer or delete files from your device without your knowledge or perhaps snoop into your private data!

Are You Jailbreaking Your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch?

There are an estimated 100 million Apple devices, operating on various versions of the iOS today and none have a security system in place. You can only wonder what hackers think of this. The latest jailbreak shows exactly how suave hacking has become and security concerns have taken a backseat to the supposedly infinite joys of having an unlocked device.

Apple has always advised users not to jailbreak their phones, even though it has never taken legal steps against developers of these apps. And now that the US Congress has legalized jailbreaking, the situation indeed looks grim.

As far as the present vulnerability is concerned, Apple has issued a statement saying that things are being looked into so that apps like JailbreakMe cannot exploit weaknesses in the iOS. The developer of the jailbreak app has actually come out and said that other exploits will be utilized when this one is patched!

Where does it leave you, the customer? Do you think twice before jailbreaking your phone or modding it in any other manner. Well, now you have the reason to do so.

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