Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Safari Search; Deletes Google and Yahoo! Trade-name

By Jim Roberts | Apple

There have been persistent rumors that Apple will be replacing Google with Window’s search engine Bing in its iPhone Operating System, but to date this has not yet been actualized.

Apple however introduced a new adjustment to its iPhone 4.0 OS, replacing the “Google” key next to the spacebar is the word “Search”. Although iPhone users will hardly notice any difference when using the search options in iPhone OS 4.0 Safari, a more common “Search” key will more likely be user friendly and purposeful.

Apple critics says that Apple’s decision to devise iPhone OS 4.0 search key design, is part of the subtle effort to remove Google branding from all parts of the software.

In the meantime, Microsoft made available a Bing application on the iPhone. In addition to that, Microsoft also posted an open–source software development kit to allow iPhone developers to queue in queries into Bing search engine from their applications.

My Opinion

There could be several reasons why Apple decided to make the changes; I could only come up with one: that having the generic “Search” key instead of the “Google” key is more logical and frankly more user friendly.

It is not likely that it is a move to just take out on Google – but rather more remedial change to how it looks to present and future iPhone users.

Rumors from blogs has it that Apple is doing its best at removing any connections to its rival, but this ignores the fact iPhone although changed its search engine provider from Google to Yahoo!, it did not however change its search key to Yahoo! In former iPhone OS, (like that of iPhone 3.0) “Google” key was changed to “Yahoo!”. With that of iPhone 4.0 however, “Yahoo!” was also changed to “Search”.

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