Solving Crime just got a Little Interesting: iPhone to be used to Catch Criminals

By Jim Roberts | Apple

I have a faux security application in my iPhone that I have used numerous times to dupe my friends. It “scans” their eyes to determine if they are the owner of the iPhone. Of course mine is just a plaything and not real, but never in my wildest dreams did I thought that crime-solving would actually benefit from technology.

This is what the Massachusetts Police Department has been trying to develop to make our streets safer. The Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System (MORIS) is a joint project from the developer, BIT Technologies, and Animetrics. Together, the two organizations are trying their best to help our police officers create this groundbreaking application of solving crime.

MORIS is actually a biometric scanning iPhone app which iphone_crimeutilizes the iPhone’s camera. Theoretically, it is supposed to work by the following steps: a police officer would snap a picture of a suspect, and then send it over to a secure network.

The secure network would process the picture and compare it to those on the database. Then, the person’s identity, background information, and photographs are sent back to the officer’s iPhone. This will help them identify criminals faster without arousing suspicion from the perpetuators that they are being watched.

You might scoff at the idea, but it will actually work! Animetrics is known for transforming 2D images to a 3D face. This will make the scanning easier and more accurate enough. Once the program is ready to be launched, it will be released to 28 Massachusetts precincts and police departments, and more than a dozen sheriff’s departments. Though the iPhone application is only designed for identification using a facial shot, it is rumored to be further upgraded to include iris and fingerprint scanning. How’s that for technology?

Now we all could rest easy if MORIS finishes its development. The perpetuators who could harm our children and destroy our lives could easily be identified and stopped even before they can attack again. We will all be safer and there would be fewer worries for parents in the neighborhood.

Honestly, I can’t wait for this application to be launched. Though I probably won’t be able to use it on my iPhone because there’s no word if MORIS would be released free on the App Store, at least I know that such a powerful application is working to keep our community out of harm’s way.

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