Apple’s MobileMe iDisk Update – Precursor to Cloud-based iTunes

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Apple has just recently released a MobileMe iDisk Application for its iOS 4 and iPad. This would have been an ordinary update coming from Apple if not for the fact that this update hinted upon the possibility of Apple coming up with a cloud-based iTunes.

This is being widely perceived by many users since in the update notes, Apple files the capability “to play audio from your iDisk while using another app.” This is an interesting proposition for iPad and iPhone users mainly because this seems to be laying the base for establishing a cloud-based streaming media for iPhone and iPad users.


It seems that Apple is making use of iDisk as a test drive for future campaigns that will launch an “” streaming service. This will actually bridge the gap between iOS devices like the iPad and the iPhone with iTunes.

Perhaps by adding an iTunes like interface to the iDisk application or perhaps combining MobileMe and iTunes together, even launching an iTunes Mobile that will include streaming services for music and videos bought from the iTunes Store will ensure that Apple gains continued victory in the music distribution arena.

MobileMe iDisk App Update

After checking out the streaming feature of the iDisk App it seems that it works just as it was described. The upgrade allowed for playing of music from the iDisk, navigate the iPhone 4, as well as take notes, surf the web and even play games. Now with 20GB of disk available on iDisk which is upgradeable to 60GB, users can choose to store their whole iTunes library online and access it anytime and anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Other notes to the updates includes multitasking support for iOS 4 (iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs) as well as the capacity to open iDisk docs in applications like iBooks and other application that support document viewing and a host of stability improvements.

It seems that Apple made its mark with the MobileMe application. Although it has garnered a lot of criticism when it was first launched, MobileMe is slowly but surely becoming a vital part of Apple’s mobile tactic. There are rumors that have been circulating that the service will become free or perhaps provide a hefty discount for its purchase, together with the great improvement the app has and the announcement of the latest Calendar beta program proposes that Apple is well aware of the significance of a mobile service unit.

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