Apple Permanently Stops Free iPhone Case Program. No More Apple iPhone4 Cases After September 30th

By Jay Shah | Apple

This may be the end of Antennagate, the infamous antenna problem with the iPhone 4, which though not talked about much these days, is perhaps not forgotten yet. Apple has just announced that the free case program which was started to address the issue, will come to an end on September 30, 2010. Does this mean that all is well the iPhone 4 now?

Well, maybe not, because Apple’s statement says that the antenna attenuation problem is ‘smaller than what they thought’ and hence the chapter can be closed for now. Apple is still keeping options open for particular cases of antenna problems, and the company has stated that anyone who faces the problem can call AppleCare for a free case.

Since the formal announcement by Apple in July, millions of iPhone 4 units have been sold and a goof guess would be that some of the sales at least were based on the assurance that a free case would be available, if needed. But now it ends and if you wish to get a free case, you have to move fast.

The rule stands the same as of now- you have to apply for the case within 30 days of purchasing the iPhone 4. So, if you buy an iPhone4 after September 30, you have no chance of getting a free case from the official website, because requests will not be registered post that date.

Apple has not yet revealed any numbers on the antenna issue, which led the company to believe that the problem with the antenna is no more serious. But it was stated originally that less than one percent of iPhone 4 owners had called in to report the antenna problem. Moreover, only 1.7% iPhone 4 devices had been returned, which is much lower than the same for iPhone 3GS.

Judging by the way no one seems to talk about the antenna issue anymore, it can be guessed that the antenna problem may actually be less of a bother now, with cases and firmware updates addressing the problem to a great extent. Let’s see whether things resurface once the free case program is brought to an end!

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