Apple to Unwrap iPad Mini at California Theatre Today

By Sidharth | Apple

Apple never discloses their next big product to the world without holding an event because, you know, that’s how they roll. Since the launch of iPhone in 2007, we have seen that Apple likes to remain mum on their upcoming products.

Apple is clearly not the kind of company that beats the drum to grab our attention.

Today is another day. Another event from Apple, and all we know is that something new will be unveiled to the whole world. The event will be held at the California Theatre in San Jose at 10am Pacific time (6 PM in UK; 10:30 PM in India). Are you excited as much as we are?

Rumors has it that this is a modest event where Apple will bring two things: a new mini iPad and probably an update to iOS 6.

Let’s talk about the new iPad Mini:

Over 80 million iPads have been sold in the last 3 years, and those numbers seem to grow everyday, at a steady pace. Up until now, Apple has unveiled three iPads: iPad 1, iPad 2 and the New iPad. All of these tablets had a 10-inch screen, but today we may soon witness a new and smaller iPad.

According to the rumors, the mini iPad will have a 7.85-inch screen, the new Lightning connector, and no retina display.

Do we need a smaller iPad?

If you remember, Apple’s iPad was launched in 2010, much earlier than all of the competitive tablets we see today. The iPad now has a significant standing in the tablet market, and it’d fair to say — at least when we look at the iPad sales — that iPad is effortlessly dominating the tablet space.

Apple continuous to have success with the iPad, but there’s one reason why Apple will introduce smaller iPads: to capture the lower end of the tablet market.

This lower end of the market is currently dominated by Amazon’s Kindle and Google’s Nexus 7, and Apple wants to sneak into this market. The mini iPad all the ingredients to reach this set of audience — which, let me tell you, are in the majority.

We are not sure about the price, but anything below $250 sounds just about right. Currently, Apple sells the iPad 2 for $399 and the new iPod Touch for $199. And it’s be fair to say that the price of the iPad mini should fall somewhere between the price of 10-inch iPad and the 4-inch iPod Touch.

The Kindle Fire starts at $159, and the Nexus 7 at $199.

What are your thoughts? Are you waiting for the new iPad? Will you buy one? Let me know through your comments below!

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