Apple Website Reveals Price of Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 Phones

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Apple Store doesn’t have factory unlocked iPhone 5 up for sale in the US yet, but its price has been revealed accidentally on the Apple website today.

A reader of Apple Insider spotted the unlocked iPhones by using the search term “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” on the Apple website. While the search did not reveal any useful information, but on the sidebar were the prices of iPhone 5, available on both GSM- and CDMA-based carriers.

New iPhone 5 Factory Unlocked Price Table

Factory unlocked iPhone 5 price revealed on the Apple website.

From the image above, here’s the cost of the unlocked iPhone 5 smartphone:

Cost of GSM iPhone 5:

  • iPhone 5 [64 GB White & Silver]: $849
  • iPhone 5 [16 GB Black & Slate]: $649
  • iPhone 5 [64 GB Black & Slate]: $849
  • iPhone 5 [16 GB White & Silver]: $649

Cost of CDMA iPhone 5:

  • iPhone 5 [32 GB White & Silver]: $749

The same iPhone 5 (factory unlocked) model is available in Canada starting at $699 which translates to 703 US dollars.

Many users prefer buying a factory unlocked iPhone 5 over carrier-locked iPhones because of the freedom to carry the device anywhere, with no contract commitment. Such unlocked iPhones are useful to those who travel to foreign countries and to those not willing to pay a fixed monthly rate to carriers.

Interestingly, based on the research and reports available on the web, the cost to manufacture an iPhone 5 (16 GB model) is almost $210 while the high-end 64 GB model has an estimated cost of about $240.

The new Apple iPhone 5 was announced on 12th September and was made available only a week after the announcement. Selling over 5 million units in its first weekend, iPhone 5 has been classified as a successful smartphone in the US. Surprisingly, despite the expensive price tag, the iPhone 5’s were sold out in advance booking in countries like India.

Note that Apple hasn’t officially announced these prices officially yet, although we do believe the company will likely stick with these numbers. However, users in the US who are waiting to buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 still have to wait a little longer. December is probably the month Apple will offer these unlocked iPhones in the US.

Via Apple Insider

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