Apple White iPhone 4: You Still Have To Wait For Shipment

By Jim Roberts | Apple

If you are hankering for a white iPhone 4, then you may still have to wait long to get your hands on these white iPhones. The phones which are originally set to be released on the 24th of June will be available only on the latter half of July, another month of waiting for you then.

This is because Apple has delayed shipment of the white iPhone 4, although it seems that the black version has no such concerns. In a terse press release Apple said on Wednesday that they had problems with the manufacturing of the white iPhone 4 and as such the white version of the phone will not be available to the public until the 3rd week of July, although, the black iPhone 4 will be available to the public.

Apple’s press statement didn’t indicate any reason for the manufacturing delays but a writer for the MacWorld speculated that the white iPhone 4 models seem to have scratches and cracks.

RadioShack and Best Buy also confirmed the scarcity of these iPhones. In a statement, Best Buy announced that they indeed received a note from Apple that due to manufacturing delays, the white iPhone will not be available during its launch on June 24th and once the company is provided with the estimate on when the phone will be available they will inform the public as well and any pre-orders of the white iPhone 4 remains valid until the time when the phone will be released.


While RadioShack on the other hand, posted a note on their Facebook page that noted of the delay as: “Due to delays, we will not have the white unit on June 24.

Apple, the manufacturers of iPhone 4 started shipping the units this week, although Best Buy and AT&T have reported shortage even in the early pre-order shipments. It seems that Apple and AT&T where overwhelmed by the popularity of their newest iPhone device. So, If you just can’t wait to get your hands on an iPhone 4 then perhaps you can just settle for the black version.

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