The Best Among all iPhone Applications..iPhone TV

By Jim Roberts | Apple

A specification for transmitting live multimedia content using HTTP was submitted by Apple to the IETF during the onset of the year. This led to the public’s suspicion for a new live video protocol for iPhone and iPod gears. And so, the live streaming protocol for HTTP was conceived through iPhone’s OS 3.0 version that made iPhone live video applications even better.

And speaking of live streaming applications, the iPhone may also be used for watching real-time television if you have gone tired of recorded movies and clips. The iPhone has actually a lot of live TV selections to offer its users. Majority of these TV applications are best watched using Wi-Fi, some may or may not work using 3G.

Watching TV Channels From iPhone

One major concern in watching television program on iPhones is that it is an effective way of draining your battery but nevertheless, there’s really something vital in watching a TV program, most especially when you could not possibly access a real television set and you are dying to watch a TV broadcast. With the iPhone at hand that can be used as portable television, there’s not a single broadcast that you’ll miss.

Every men and even some women love the game of football. And if you specifically love to watch the Norwegian Football, if you are Norwegian or understand the Norwegian language, then tune your iPhone to a free TV 2 Sporten app. This iPhone TV application is filled with up to the minute news report and game status and scoring updates. Not only that, but this TV 2 Sporten also features a section for live video showing goals made by players plus other important highlight.

Norwegians are not the only beneficiaries of the iPhone TV application, even French people can enjoy the iPhone’s television live streaming and definitely not only the French because France 24 Live on iPhone broadcasts news and highly demanded video streaming not only in French but also in English and Arabic translation via Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge. However when watched via Edge, videos may be quite of low quality and may sometimes freezes.

The netTV is offered on the iPhone either as free or paid. This allows global access to 200 channels. Quality may vary per channel.

Though not exactly a TV, Worldview provides access to live streaming camera captures all over the globe. It is an interesting alternative entertainment for travelers to keep them from getting bored.

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