China Brings Genuine White iPhone 4 To The Market

By Sidharth | Apple

With no official source to the outlandish rumors of the White iPhone 4 launching in June 2011, it seems like some of the folks in China have taken the plunge to bring this genuine Apple phone into the market.

While China is the source for most of the unbranded yet useful electronic products — but this iPhone 4, however, comes with official Apple packaging. If reports are to be believed, this is indeed the real iPhone 4 White model which is not officially available.

As reported by one of the Chinese website, these unofficial resellers in China have been stocking up the iPhone 4 White model. Although there is no way to backtrack it’s origin, the iPhone 4 devices are labeled with the warning message: for internal company use only. This, and the thick pricing tag, does prove the genuineness to a certain extent.

Pricing? 8GB model of White iPhone 4 is listed at $830 whilst the 16GB White model is available for a cool $1200. And the 32GB model? Well, nothing has been revealed about this model thus far, but it should be priced astronomically – enough to make a hole in your ear.

So, if you have a sweet spot for the White model of iPhone 4, then load yourself with cash and hit the China gray market.

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