Jailbreakers, Time to Download iREB R5 On Windows

By Sidharth | Apple

iH8sn0w, the mind behind Sn0wbreeze jailbreak, has released an update for iREB, which is yet another popular tool to install custom firmware on your Apple devices. The new version is available for download with a lot of improvements and, of course, support for iOS 5 firmware.logo for iREB

iREB R5 is a Windows-only utility. From iTunes errors — error 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604 — to unexpected white-screen problems on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and other minor issues here and there can be settled and resolved with iREB R5.

Let’s say when you are trying to restore a firmware, error messages are displayed on your iTunes. This tool can help you restore custom IPSW and bypass the iTunes error messages like 1600, 1604, etc.

iREB R5 download

You can put your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in Pwned DFU mode using this tool.

If your device is going in an infinite loop (because you have jailbroken your device, partially), then you can do a  quick recovery using iREB R5. Click on Recovery Mode Loop Fixer to get out of infinite loops. You can also grab SHSH files, fix 1015 errors instantly.

To test iREB R5, and to make sure it doesn’t crash, I had to make a switch from Mac to Windows 7. Let me tell you, the switch was worth it.

Windows iREB R5

Visit ih8sn0w.com to download iRES R5 right away. If you are unable to locate the download link, here’s the direct link.

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