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By Sidharth | Apple

Apple announced the launch of Safari 4 beta browser. The new browser has already gathered a lot of attention because of the new and promising features it brings. Safari 4 claims to be 3 times better than Firefox and 30 times faster than Internet explorer 7, and that alone is a solid reason to update Safari browser on your Mac and Windows. If you want to download Safari 4 then head over to the download page of the official Apple website.


With a Google chrome title bar and the homepage showcasing opera lookalike speed dial thumbnail shots and a Windows native look and browsing history detailed search, it seems that Apple Safari 4 has combined all the features from the other web browser. As it is in beta, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future. As of now, Safari 4 supports Mac OS X and Windows! You can go ahead and download this version of Safari from Apple’s site. Note that your older version of Safari will be automatically replaced with this one, although all the details — search history, form history, etc. — will still remain.

Download Safari 4 beta

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