Expect iOS Version of Google Maps to Hit the iTunes App Store Soon

By Sidharth | Apple

Story so far: Apple decides to knock Google Maps out of its iOS 6 operating system. Then iOS 6.0 is released with Apple Maps. Apple Maps doesn’t work for everyone. Users are frustrated. Tim Cook apologizes. Google promises to return. Users are happy.

In between all this we saw Apple firing Scott Forstall (who was with Apple since 1997) for the Apple Maps blunder. Then there were developers who grabbed our attention by launching Google Maps alternatives (Maps+, AR Maps and, er, Nokia Here?) as this was their best chance to capture a troop of hungry iOS 6 users who wanted Google Maps on their iPhones and iPads.

Today, WSJ reports that folks at Google have coded the Google Maps app and now all that’s left is to paint the “finishing touches.”

According to the post, “Google has been putting the finishing touches on the app before submitting it for approval to the Apple iTunes store, this person said, though it’s unclear exactly when that will happen.”

We all know Google is working up a sweat to bring Maps app to its users. We also know it’s going to be free, and if the screenshots posted here are any true, we can confidently say Google Maps is going to be the best mapping application on iOS.

Last time we checked, Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, confirmed that Google has not submitted iOS version of Google Maps to the App Store. Eric also said in a press conference in Japan last month that he believed Apple’s decision to pull Google Maps app out of iOS 6 was not a solution but a mistake. Even Apple knows they shot their own foot by introducing Apple Maps.

It’s time for Apple to probably swallow their pride and approve Google’s iOS maps because, you know, users still love Google maps, and it wouldn’t hurt to have another map application in the App Store, although we are not sure what Apple plans to do with its Apple Maps app. Crazy battle though!

We hope Apple requests Google to submit their Google Maps app to the App Store. Boy, do we dream big?


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