Fix Error 1602 on iPod touch and iPhone With Recboot

By Sidharth | Apple

Following the trend of dreaded error codes, here’s one more: error 1602. And of course, you can get out of this 1602 error without much hassle.

The issue, similar to the 16xx, befalls when you are in the middle of downgrading or upgrading your device. But it can be fixed. That said, not only the error 1602, but even those 1602, 1013, 1611 error codes can be handled with ease, thanks to Recboot.

When trying to restore your iPhone or iPod touch in iTunes, you may witness the following message with error code 1601 or 1602:


The iPhone/ iPod touch could not be restored/ updated. An unknown error occurred.

If you haven’t downloaded Recboot yet, then head to the this post to learn more. Download the appropriate Recboot version for your platform. Note that you need .net framework (if you don’t have it already) for the tool to work on Windows machine.

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