Fix JailBreakME FaceTime MMS And Purple Screen Problem While Jailbreaking iPhone, iPad

By Sidharth | Apple

First it was the release of for jailbreaking, then we saw couple of JailbreakME videos and also shared a quick tip for iPhone users who were not able to access JailbreakME i.e., to use modmyi jailbreakMe mirror site. A lot has been covered today but still there’s room for more.

I haven’t planned on Jailbreaking my iPod touch device yet (not running the iOS 4; but it is already jailbroken — and remember: jailbreaking is legal now 😉 ) but JailbreakME does work and is really easy to get your iPhone/ iPad jailbroken in couple of minutes.

That being said, I’ve done hours of research and noted down tips & tricks shared by the members at various unofficial apple community and forums. I believe these tips will be useful to fix the Facetime MMS and purple screen problem after using JailbreakME. Keep reading..

Here are some tips to fix Facetime and MMS issue on iPhone

1. If FaceTime is still missing after JailbreakME implementation – go to Settings –> Phone and enable it. Easy.

2. If you’re still confronted with the FaceTime/MMS problem then visit Cydia and upgrade it when prompted as the dev-team came up with an update few hours ago.

3. Restore your iPhone from the backup and it should fix the MMS and FaceTime issues.

4. Adding in Cydia and installing their package should fix MMS issues for T-Mobile users.

Fix Purple Screen Stuck on iPhone

1. If you were stuck at the purple screen while Jailbreaking – reboot the device and try again.

2. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users stuck on the purple screen can follow these steps as posted by a forum member

  • Put your iPhone to Airplane mode. Go to -> Setting -> Safari -> Cookies -> Accept.
  • Double tap home button. Press and hold to quit safari (in multitask mode)
  • Clear all Cache and the cookies. Open safari and go to
  • If this doesn’t fix purple screen then repeat the process again!

3. Download PDF file from

  • Visit this –> index from your iPhone. (the link points to the mirror site of Jailbreakme -> but with a /_/ addition that contains PDF files).
  • Click on the right PDF that matches your iPhone model and the iOS version (iPhone 3G – iPhone1,X – iPhone 3GS – iPhone2 – iPhone 4 – iPhone 3)
  • Once you click on the appropriate file – JB process should start automatically.

4. After sliding the iPhone screen to unlock, you’ll encounter an purple screen. Fix this by performing the “hard reset” of the iPhone and then try again. To hard reset: hold the power and home button of the iPhone until it shuts off and then the apple logo shows on screen. That’s it!

I hope these solutions have helped you in solving both the JailbreakME facetime / MMS issue as well as the purple screen 🙂 If you’ve any other tips then please share it here.

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