Glitchy Proximity Sensor: An iPhone 4 Flaw To be Aware of.

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Isn’t it annoying when you’re talking with a friend, colleague or business associate on your mobile phone that you will be interrupted because the call got routed on the loudspeaker? This is generally what happens with the new iPhone 4 — and we already made fun of it.

It could be touted as a joke but when you’re on an important call and the call gets disrupted because you inadvertently activated the touch screen and activated either the mute button or even the Face Time feature or the keyboard, it can really be frustrating and extremely unfunny.

One might realize that the proximity sensor is the one to blame for this bizarre iPhone 4 behavior.  In a sense, the phone’s sensor, detects the face in relation to the various buttons on the screen and enables or disables them just as if you’re touching or activating the buttons.

Perhaps the location of the sensor is to be blamed, on former models the sensor is found near the left ear piece speaker but since in the new iPhone 4 this space is occupied by the front camera, the sensor is now located on top of the earpiece.

It is unclear whether this position is the one that affects the functionality of the sensor or if Apple actually changed the sensor’s responses in some way or maybe a combination of both. No matter the reason for the problem, it remains to be a nuisance for those who actually use the phone for conversations.

While there is no official statement with regards to this issue, it seems that many users have encountered this problem and there is an open discussion on Apple that runs 19 pages long and counting. In the same forum a user mentioned that an Apple Store Tech said that it might be software issue, but the user was still placed in line for a phone swap when stocks come in.

As the iPhone 4 is fairly new to the market, it is yet to be determined if this problem exists for all handsets. There are also users who are fond of using Bluetooth headsets or haven’t really gotten around to using the phone full time for phone conversations, so problems with call interruptions is not really their biggest concerns. But one thing is quite certain, this ‘bug’ is something that the Apple iPhone 4 needs to address sooner rather than later.

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