How to: Voice Search on Google Using Your iOS Devices

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Though we have to type words in Google to search the web, mobile users may find it difficult to type longer phrase through their onscreen keyboards, and sometimes they end up making mistakes. Typing is so old-fashioned, at least that’s what Google believes now.

Probably that’s the reason Google introduced voice search on mobile phones.

Voice search is Google’s voice recognition feature where you can talk to Google and the giant search engine will answer your questions, much like Apple’s Siri. But how can you talk to Google? Can Google answer our questions better than Siri? More importantly: can Google understand our accent? Let’s find out.

How to talk to Google?

Google hasn’t integrated voice recognition feature on its Google search engine, which means you won’t find any “voice” button if you are accessing Google through your mobile browser.

To be able to talk to Google on your iOS device, you have to download Google Search app from the App Store. The app has been recently updated with improvements in voice search, and this is probably the best time to give this app a try.

Once downloaded and installed, you will be invited with a clean Google search box with a couple of button at the bottom. The microphone is what you should use to begin a voice search.

Search Google using Voice

The Best Voice Recognition App on iOS

Google voice search is not limited to US or UK, and works almost for everyone with any accent. The app searches the web, and using semantic search technology delivers the most appropriate answer.

At least that’s the case with me. I can ask “What is the weather in Bangalore“ to get the current weather details, or ask “what’s the height of Taj Mahal” and even go about asking dictionary definition starting with “what do you mean by…”

Question Related to India Answered through Google Voice

Google Answerting Weather Questions on iPhone

Google Search app is obviously better than Siri and Mac’s speech app, as it can understand, search and answer our questions, all this at a lighting speed. It’s simple, fast and works just as advertised.

Download Google Search app [iTunes App Store link]

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/4, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later (works on iOS 6 and 6.0.1).

Have you tried this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? What are your thoughts? Do you think Google Search app should replace Siri on your iOS device? Add your thoughts through the comment section below.

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