HandyLight Download Link Removed From iTunes Appstore

By Sidharth | Apple

iPhone users are all excited with the release of Handylight, the latest iPhone app. Within couple of hours, this app reached the no.2 spot in the top paid apps listed on the iTunes appstore.

Although the app is said to function as a simple flashlight, but in reality, Handylight is a iPhone tethering app. One might wonder how did the app pass through the App reviewers, but right now, sadly, the download link of this app has been taken down from the iTunes appstore as soon as it was spotted. Didn’t take ’em long.


For a mere .99c, Handylight app was downloaded by thousands of iPhone users. This unofficial tethering app comes from Nick Lee, who has also demonstrated the working of Handy light app in a YouTube video. By the way, the developer is just 15, amazing!

Tethering of  iPhone running iOS 4 was made possible with the SOCKS proxy functionality. While there’s not much to talk about, and although it seems the app is unlikely to appear again but we will keep you updated on this one. Stay tuned! 🙂

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