High Quality Video Conferencing With Vidyo App For iPhone4 and iPad [Coming Soon]

By Jay Shah | Apple

Just a day after Skype launched 10-way video calling there have been further developments in the video conferencing field. Vidyo has just submitted an iPhone and iPad app to App Store for approval, which should put the app available for download pretty soon.

Vidyo specializes in high quality video conferencing tech for corporate, and now it looks like they are venturing into bringing their expertise on to the mobile platform, starting with tablets and smartphones.

Vidyo will be well served by their experience of having worked to provide virtual conferencing solutions via licensing to companies such as HP, Intel and Hitachi. By the way, even Google uses Vidyo’s technology to run the Google video chat.


The fact that they are now venturing into the mobile arena shows that enterprise is a using more and more mobile devices. They also plan to make their services available on all platforms, not just the Apple iOS. An Android app is also in the pipeline as Android OS is slowly dominating the market .

Vidyo also realizes that corporate customers need multi-platform solutions. For example people using iOS, Android and even Windows Mobile platforms may want to communicate with each other in a virtual conference. Achieving that sort of cross-platform fluidity will be the challenge for Vidyo.

Vidyo for iPad and iPhone4

When this app will be finally available for the Apple iPad, there will be one problem for users. The app will not be able to engage in a proper conference because iPad device lacks a front facing camera. So if the users choose to view the screen, they will only be participating via an audio stream. But Vidyo is sure that future iPad devices will have a front-camera. Also, Vidyo on iPhone4 will be more convenient as it has a front camera.

Vidyo biggest challenge will be to face up to Skype, which is also looking to enter the enterprise domain. Skype has supposedly held talks with Cisco for this purpose. Update: Skype is now with Microsoft, and it has over 30 million users online at a time. Despite the security flaws, Skype is now one of the best video chatting utility for casual users and enterprises as well.

Moreover, if Vidyo really has the potential and a strong tech portfolio, it may have to brace for acquisition bids from one of the tech majors. But for now let’s wait to see how good the Vidyo iOS app is!

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