Hit Games and Apps for iPad at Apple App Store

By Jim Roberts | Apple

So still fiddling with your newly purchased Apple iPad? Not getting enough of it even if you already spent countless hours trying to figure out what’s new and best iPad apps in the apple store?

Well to help you make the most out of your iPad check out some of this best games and apps that I have personally tried and tested on my iPad.

High Definition Doodleblast

Just as the developer of the game, Juraj Hlavac, hastily made necessary steps for the game to be included among the iPad applications to be launched, the game itself also incorporates some speed.  It is about high speed blasting and exterminating of several cartoon villains.

Though it is not necessarily a game to get you addicted to stay up all night, it surely is a manifestation of how the iPad is designed with utter speed.

Journalism Enhanced, Wall Street

This sounds good for people who love to keep up to date with current events. Imagine getting to read your daily broad sheet in a compact and innovative iPad. But you may probably have to adjust your eyes as the pages seem to be moving about on their own will.

A dizzying presentation, I could say, as the pages and articles have their own unpredictable behaviors. There should be more images added to the articles or some search functions and readily available hyperlinks for videos and tweets. The basic application is free but to access all articles and back issues, a subscription fee of $4 per week must be paid.

iBooks for reading

iBook is the simple, sleek and colorful Apple version of Kindle with the default interface that allows browsing of ebook visual art covers in a wooden bookshelf. But like a card catalog box, eBooks may also be viewed by title, author and category.

Aside from the colorful illustrations in the pages, there are also scroll bars at the bottom, pop dictionary for references and other necessities at the point of the finger plus other exciting and useful features including ebook purchasing.

HD RealRacing

For ten bucks, you can enjoy an adrenaline rush game dubbed anti social as you are purely on your own as you steer the wheels and compete with other virtual cars towards the finish line.

The iPad itself could be used as the steering wheel but options for touch controls and addition of MP3 tracks to replace the game’s terrible music are also included.

Marvel Comics Stories

Loved the Marvel Comics since you were a kid? Then grab your iPad and enhance it with the ingeniously made graphic novel app. The cost per title is $2, but only a handful is initially available. There are also no video clips, or hyperlinks, just pure graphical comics that will be improved in the future.

So what do you think of these iPad Apps? Cool enough for you? Also check out Mixxmuse iPad app, and if you found any other cool Apple iPad apps please feel free tolet us know about it, we will be glad to hear from you 🙂

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Holding a dual degree in both Management and IT with 13 years of business experience, I am Jim F. Roberts from California, USA. Needless to say, I am a techy guy and I love exploring, checking out the latest gadgets and sharing my thoughts on a lot of things.