iMovie For iPhone 4: What About It?

By Jim Roberts | Apple

With the impending availability of the newest iPhone device, the iPhone 4, perhaps one of the most anticipated applications that come with the iPhone4 is the iMovie for iPhone.

Even Apple thinks that people will be willing to purchase it for 5 dollars in Apple Stores if it doesn’t come free with the iOS 4. So what is it about the iMovie for iPhone that makes it a much coveted and much awaited Apple software? Let’s check it out.


iMovie for iPhone will allow you to edit 720p videos on the go. You can use themes, titles, transitions and insert music on your videos directly from your device, you don’t need to load your videos to your computer just to be able to edit it.

All editing and use of these features can be accomplished with a slide of the hand or a small pinch to make changes.  You can easily export your work as 360p, 520p or 720p, take you best pick. You can also change themes as you like, put in pictures, insert sounds and more.

Some people believe that the code hooks in the iMovie for iPhone that will be able to upload 480 pixel videos directly to Facebook, something many Facebook enthusiast will surely like to see.


The downside of iMovie? Well, you can only do this on an iPhone 4. Manipulation of an HD video actually takes up a lot of horse power. For you to be able to apply themes and create real time transitions you will need the power of iPhone’s A4 chip.  Earlier versions of iPhone’s will not be able to run this application.

Moreover, projects done with the iMovie app is not compatible with the iMovie for Mac, although that might be just at the beginning and will more than likely to change with future upgrades of the software.  Also, if you own an iPad, you will not be able to use the software as well, but many people are willing to bet that after some time, the iMovie for iPhone’s wonderful features will be available for all the other Apple devices including the very popular Apple iPad.

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