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By Sidharth | Apple

Apple iPad is out, and it’s hot! Those who have it are meddling in and exploring the apps, the rest are just watching unboxing videos and reading the iPad reviews, included are those few bloggers who are joyfully delving in their genuine opinion on why they’d prefer buying the version 2 of Apple iPad.

And the official Apple iPad shipping has been restricted to US only. Meaning that, if you’re in a country other than the Unites States, you’ve to figure some way out to order and adore this hyped up, yet, revolutionary gadget.

There are US stores like Bestbuy, Walmart who are selling the iPad but doesn’t provide shipping of iPad internationally. So, as a measure to secure this gadget asap, the Online Ebay ecommerce website have come up with an micro store for iPad where anyone from any country around the world can order iPad with free worldwide shipping.


The sellers can list the iPad on Ebay and as you can see from the screenshot, most of the Apple ipad shipping are free internationally.

The price of iPads on Ebay are obviously higher when compared to the original price list ($499 for 16GB iPad is sold at $700+ at Ebay). Definitely, its bit pricey for most of us, but spending additional 200 bucks to own iPad at the comfort of your home brings in an delightful feeling and an gratifying experience that lasts for a very long time. And, you’d be among the few in your country to own the Apple iPad in its first week of release. That’d be cool!

The Ebay iPad store is located at iPad.ebay.com, glance through the discounted best offers and go through the listing before making the purchase. Also check for Worldwide ‘Free shipping’ to avoid any excess charge 🙂

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