The OmniFocus App for iPad: An Expensive iPad App?

By Jay Shah | Apple

The OmniFocus app for the iPad is now available at the App Store. This app is not for all, and a price tag of $39.99 is the first indicator of this fact. So what does this OmniFocus app on iPad exactly do?

Well, it allows you to organize and classify various ideas into projects which you can sort by separate ‘contexts’. So you can save up your ideas exactly as you were working on them, without worrying about home ideas, mixing with those brainstormed in office.

These organized tasks and ideas can be synced to your desktop, via Mobile Me and of course, used on the iPad itself. So even if you are working a big project on multiple devices, your work keeps progressing smoothly as ever. At the same time if you already use OmniFocus on your notebook, you can now add the iPad to the list of compatible devices.


Like most other Omni apps for the iPad, this app takes care of the first time user as well as the long time fan. So there are step-by-step instructions on how to use the app and its various features, after you have downloaded it onto the iPad. You will receive several messages titles ‘welcome to OmniFocus for iPad’ which together form the perfect tutorial for getting the best out of this app.

So, before you realize you will be adding inbox items, assigning due dates and making attachments. The GUI will make you feel more at home than ever. The best part of it is that at no point of time are you cramped up for workspace, because it feels as if this app has been specifically made to utilize the bigger display of the iPad.




The overall design is quite good, though some buttons do resemble each other, which may cause confusion. Features like calendar-driven forecasts and collapse and show grouping, make it indispensable for any serious business user.

This app is not for all and the high price tag further reduces the number of customers. Interestingly, this is the top 5 paid iPad apps within a day since its launch. But if you need a smart task-management tool to handle projects right from inception to completion, this app is well worth the expensive price.

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