iPhone 4 Has Wi-Fi Enabled, Two-Way Video Call Feature

By Jim Roberts | Apple

The web is buzzing with iPhone 4 news. The latest iPhone 4 has once again left an impressive mark with its camera in front not just for capturing pictures, but also enabling you to make video calls.

Say goodbye to the old fashioned two-way call and say hi to Apple’s FaceTime! This now allows a face to face contact with family and friends while talking over the iPhone 4.

Calls with videos are already known even before the release of iPhone 4 but it was made famous by HTC EVO 4G-Sprint. Moreover, Apple makes video call work even better.


Spontaneous use had FaceTime to the next level. What’s good with iPhone 4 is the 2 way video chatting that is user-friendly. Simply do a regular phone call and change mode to video-call with a single finger tap.

FaceTime is usable anytime, anywhere. You may do a face-to face video call using the front camera and if you like to let your buddy see your surroundings use the rear camera. Video recording of the primary camera is capable of HD 720p quality but not yet for HD video calling.


It is not only simply live streaming that FaceTime can offer, the software has an automatic change view from portrait to landscape mode. This depends upon how you handle your iPhone 4. It is really amazing to have a live chat switch from one mode to another based on how you tilt your iPhone. Well, when showing yourself plus the good scenery behind you, landscape view suits it and for regular two-way video chatting or more intimate talking use portrait mode.

Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime calling, functions only when a wireless network is available ( its Wi-Fi enabled). You need not to worry much since there are many Wi-Fi areas to be able to connect with iPhone 4 FaceTime. Live stream calls are now made possible and better with Apple’s FaceTime. This is exciting!

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