iPhone 4G launching on June 21, unintentionally moved by AT&T

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Among many carrier in the US, Apple trusted AT&T but rumors spread widely saying that eligibility dates for launching have been moved for iPhone 4G. It was said by a source that the date has been moved unintentionally.

Instead of upgrading it on the 21st of November, it would be on June 21, five months early from the said date. This was confirmed by Grek Kumparak’s “office folks” who have had several alternations on their accounts.

Although many speculated on this public announcement with regards to the early eligibility launching date, it made an impact to people awaiting for AT&T, Apple’s carrier, is moving forward as being the authorized distributor of iPhone HD. Rather than gaining negative feedback on this matter, it was taken on the opposite way. It is but confusing in such a way that Apple usually launches their latest item on a Friday and June 21 in the current year is Monday.

iPhone 4G June

In contrast, a representative from AT&T have reached various publications saying and clarifying the issue on moving the dates, the spokesperson insists that these are merely speculations of the people awaiting for the iPhone 4G.  AT&T insisted that the interpretation is all speculation. Nevertheless they never denied that the launching date of the new Iphone could be on June 21.

Since 2007, the time of the first iPhone debut, its maker, Apple continued to launch the latest model of the phone every summer. We are to expect another model of the iPhone this summer since the original iPhone debuted in the summer of 07. If this happens, Steve Jobs will uncover another phone together with its price and availability in the US. For now, collection of orders can be made.

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