iPhone 5 in India Will Be Available After 3-4 Weeks [Report]

By Sidharth | Apple

Sure, the iPhone 5 is sold out in India and we were told the devices will be back up on the shelves within 3 days in the retail stores, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Now, we have to wait a little longer to get iPhone 5.

Ample Technologies in Bangalore told us more about the new iPhone 5, which will be available in 3-4 weeks in Imagine stores. Same was the case with Reliance iStore in Bangalore who confirmed about the delay. Don’t bother visiting these stores if you want to buy an iPhone 5.

We also tried reaching out to Redington India, which is one of the official Apple iPhone 5 distributor in India, but haven’t heard from them yet.

We have confirmed from our sources that both black and white models of iPhone 5 are available in the grey market of Bangalore. The source that shared this news with us sold iPhone 4S last year for a lot lesser price ($40 less from the original price). When asked more about the number of iPhone 5 units available, the response from him was slightly humorous we thought: “Don’t worry about the number of units… let me know if you can afford to buy them all.”

You can pick iPhone 5 up from any grey market, for a lot lesser price of course. Some folks are selling unlocked iPhone 5 for 43000 in India.

Over 15000 iPhone 5 smartphones were sold in India, according to WSJ. There are a couple of reasons why iPhone 5 was a success in India: first, the price was similar to what the iPhone 4S was priced last year. Second, only 10000 to 15000 iPhone 5 smartphones reached the Indian stores, and many retail stores had less than 200 devices up for sale. Lastly, Apple iPhone 5 ads are now appearing on TV, creating awareness among people.

Here are a couple of exclusive pictures of Apple iPhone 5 launch event held in Bangalore, India.

new iphone5 india Confirmed: Apple iPhone 5 is Already Out of Stock in India

new iphone5 bangalore Confirmed: Apple iPhone 5 is Already Out of Stock in India

iphone5 bangalore Confirmed: Apple iPhone 5 is Already Out of Stock in India

Telecom operators Aircel and Airtel are offering iPhone 5 at the following prices:

  • iPhone 5 [16 GB]: Rs. 45500
  • iPhone 5 [32 GB]: Rs. 52500
  • iPhone 5 [64 GB]: Rs. 59500

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