Disable Low Battery Popup Message on iPhone [Jailbreak app]

By Sidharth | Apple

Message: Low Battery. 20% of battery remaining.

Many of us believe Apple iPhone’s battery life is supposedly better than the rest of the smartphones. That is certainly true, but the battery of your iPhone will drain quickly after switching to Wi-Fi or 3G — same is the case with all the other smartphones out there.

An alert window pops up whenever iPhone’s battery goes below 20%. You will be notified again when the battery is low, and that can be pretty annoying especially if you are in the middle of something — playing games, sending a long email, editing documents, etc.

Disable Low Battery Message

Anyone using a jailbroken iPhone can disable the “Low Battery” popup message. Here are two useful apps to try:

LowPowerBanner cydia app:

LowPowerBanner removes the “Low Battery” popup window from appearing on your iPhone. This app alerts you when your iPhone has 20% and 10% battery life by displaying a message on the top of the screen that automatically disappears in a few seconds, similar to the original notification style in iOS 5.

Head over to Cydia, tap on Search and type in the keyword “LowPowerBanner” to download this app. LowPowerBanner is completely free to download, and there’s no need to configure anything after installing the app.

Notificator cydia app:

Consider Notificator as an advanced version of LowPowerBanner. Priced at $0.99, Notificator — available for purchase in the Cydia store — does more than disabling “Low Battery” popup. Notificator stops alert windows from appearing on the iPhone’s screen, and turns these windows into notification-like messages.

Low battery screen of iPhone

You can customize and stop 3G or WiFi events, or disable windows that serve no purpose on your iPhone.

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