iTunes 10 AirPlay Does Wireless Music Streaming on Any Stereo in Your House

By Jay Shah | Apple

Do you know that you can listen to your favorite tracks on iTunes, not just on Apple devices but on any stereo in your house? AirPlay is a feature which lets you stream music wirelessly to all parts of your house via stereo systems.

This new feature will remind you of AirTunes, an earlier feature of iTunes which enabled you to stream music from the iTunes library to other locations. AirPlay is different in the fact that you no longer need to connect the AirPort Express device (needed for streaming) to an optical audio cable or even a head phone jack for that matter.

Using iTunes 10 Airplay

All you need to transfer music is compatible stereo equipment. And this is where BridgeCo comes into the picture. This company is doing all the background work to make AirPlay compatible with most stereo systems such as Denon, iHome, Maranz, JBL and many more. And there is a bit of an interesting trivia you should note here.


In order to help BridgeCo make AirPlay compatible with stereo systems, Apple has had to reveal the iTunes code to this third party vendor, which is a first in tech history. Other such systems such as Squeezebox or Sonos have utilized reverse engineering because Apple did not give them the code.

But BridgeCo has worked out a way to play iTunes tracks on stereos via AirPlay by creating software that can be integrated into stereo, syncing naturally with computers. The official tie-up means that updates to AirPlay will not affect device compatibility one bit!

With AirPlay, you will also be able to stream video and audio content to the iTV, Apple’s upcoming television, provided you have an iOS4.2 device. Will AirPlay be a good bit of tech or just an add-on you could well do without?

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