iTunes App Store Has a Fake SBSettings Cydia App for iOS 6/5 Devices

By Sidharth | Apple

Apps should pass Apple’s guidelines before reaching the iTunes App Store, but someone one of the app made its way into Apple’s marketplace and sneakily renamed itself to one of the popular jailbreak app.

The app called “SBSettings Cydia” is available in the App Store, and unlike the original SBSettings app, this one is not free. Priced at $0.99, the SBSettings Cydia app doesn’t do what you think it does. It’s safe to assume this is a fake app, partly because what it describes in the iTunes page and what it really does (it’s an alarm clock) doesn’t make any sense to us.

Here’s the entire description of what SBSettings Cydia promises to offer:

First time on App Store – Introducing SBSettings!

Screenshot of Fake SBSettings App

Fake SBSettings app surfaces on the iTunes App Store

Welcome to convenience! Move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly even while other apps are running.
Notification center integration ios 5
Customizable drop down window
Show date and memory on statusbar
Many themes available
Many 3rd party widgets available.
You can swipe the statusbar to bring down the main window. You can configure in activator settings other methods of opening the SBSettings window. You can integrate into ios5 notification center using notifications in settings app. Customize it to your liking!

Even Bigboss suggests not to buy the app, and we wholeheartedly agree with them:

It is totally fake. Do not buy it. The app is actually an alarm clock.  It is impossible to produce something like sbsettings outside of the jailbreak world due to its nature. Impossible. The fake sbsettings even takes the product description and screenshots right from our Cydia description.

We were not able to try this app, as Apple is pulling them off the iTunes Store at a lighting speed. In case you come across them again, do not download it, unless you really enjoy paying for fake apps. Such apps and umpteen number of fake jailbreaking websites out there are tailored to make money out of iOS users.

SBSettings is a Cydia app that has been around for quite a long time. Consider the app as a shortcut to some of the important options we have on iOS. For instance, to turn ON / OFF WiFi on iPhone, we have to go to Settings -> WiFi, but SBSettings makes it a lot easier as it brings everything at one place.

The Real SBSettings App Running on iPhone

The Real SBSettings App Running on iPhone

Users looking to download SBSettings on their iPhone 5/4S devices running iOS 6 firmware cannot do so, as there’s no jailbreak out for such devices.

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