Show Song Lyrics on iPhone, iPad Using iTunes

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Third-party tools aside, let’s us familiarize ourselves with this useful tip to display lyrics for the songs stored in our Apple devices. We will use iTunes media player.

Even though you may not be good at it, singing in sync with the song jamming on your iPhone can magically sweeten your mood. And when you have the exact lyrics with you  — memorized or written down in your personal diary — your jovial mood will be escalated to a whole new level.

A more convenient, and preferable, way out than writing down or memorizing the lyrics is to store them on your Apple devices. Whenever you play the song, lyrics pop up just for you to sing it out loud, with lyrical love, for all to hear. Like this:

Lyrics on iPhone

There are several ways to show lyrics while the song is being played in the background, but we will keep the third-party apps aside, and focus on one of the easiest way using what we already have as an Apple user: Apple iTunes.

Use iTunes to Display Lyrics Of a Song on Apple Devices

There is an option in Apple iTunes to add lyrics to a song. Once you have added it, sync the music playlist with your Apple device connected to iTunes — device can be an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The steps to add lyrics via iTunes is as follows:

Step 1: Launch Apple iTunes.
Step 2: Select the song you want to add lyrics to.
Step 3: Right click on that song.
Step 4: Click on Get Infoscreenshot.
Step 5: Navigate to Lyrics tab – screenshot.
Step 6: Paste the lyrics and click OK – screenshot.

As you may have noticed, the last step may seem trickier at first but is a dead simple process. To find the lyrics, Google it. Here is an example. You will find plenty of sites offering lyrics for free. Visit any website, copy the lyrics, come back to iTunes to paste them in the Lyrics window and click OK.

The downfall of this technique, as you might have already guessed, is the process is very taxing, especially if you have thousands of songs yearning for lyrics.

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