Latest Apple TV Available With HD Movies, Cloud Storage!

By Sidharth | Apple

Oh yeah! Another new product. As expected – this is low priced, comes with exciting features and somehow ties up with iPhone OS. Yes, the next Apple TV is here! Might not be that exciting at first, but its cheap and the features alone are worth the price.

Steve jobs claim this Apple TV as his hobby product, and therefore the price has been slashed to $99. Maybe its a vicious scheme to get more and more users to tie up with Apple! 

The Latest Apple TV

With a mere $99 price tag, the features of Apple TV are unmatched — 160GB of data support, cloud-based storage, iPhone OS support and of course, HD movies and TV shows can be easily accessed with the latest Apple TV.


The news is confirmed by Engadget who also unfolds the specification of the device which is said to be very promising and to a certain extent – a threat to Google TV, and Microsoft’s Media Center.

Can this Apple TV be a counter attack on the upcoming Google TV? Can Apple really be the dominant player here? The interactive web finally meets TV, but with a lot of competition. One thing is for sure, this is entertaining!

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stonee September 3, 2010

No matter how cheap it is, apple tv is worst than iphone 4 and ipad, when we use apple tv, pc, tv are necessary, and I can watch videos with ipad even the videos and movies in the internet. Haha, I can watch an dvd on my ipad with my ifunia dvd ripper but apple tv can not do this, so I won’t buy a apple tv, no matter how cheap it is.

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