Latest iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Thinner, Faster and Simpler

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The excitement of Apple iPhone 5 builds up as we go farther into the 2011. Each year, Apple has released a new idevice that has spurred the growth of innovation and competition among the mobile manufacturers. This year, hopefully, we will get to witness the fifth installment of iPhone: the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

As always, any Apple product ignites flurry of rumors before the launch. Take this information that I have gathered with a grain of salt, as many more details, accurate details, will be unveiled as the WWDC approaches.

It gets thinner…

Once again, the upcoming iPhone will be different from the iPhone 4. It is said that the redesign will be “marginal.” Don’t be taken aback by the slight redesign changes, because the focus is on rolling out a thinner version of iPhone, yet powerfully equipped with the latest technology.

iPhone 5 Design

Faster processor

It is expected that iPhone 5 will have the vaunted A5 processor under its hood. This is the same processor that is packed with the iPad 2 tablet. If A5 processor is really included in the iPhone 5, then it should keep Apple at the top of their game, as we could witness significant improvement in the performance and battery life.

Excellent Camera

After the accidental revelation of Sony’s involvement with the upcoming iPhone’s image sensor, iPhone 5 is said to include a superior 8-megapixel camera. There has been a debate that Apple might not join hands with Sony; in any case, we do expect the iPhone 5 to have a great camera.

NFC technology

For making payments of goods and services, waving your iPhone 5 is all you need to do. The long-awaited Near Field Communication (NFS) technology, which was supposed to be included in the iPhone 4, will most probably see the light with the iPhone 5. Lets hope that this will invoke other manufacturers to inherit NFS technology on their smart phones — therefore marking the beginning of an era of easier mobile payment.

Last but not the least…

For baseband chips, Apple will switch over to Qualcomm which is the largest chip supplier in the world. Both the GSM and CDMA models will enjoy this new baseband chip.

Lastly, I am pinning my hopes on a better and improved antenna design — Apple, no more Antennagate this time, please.

If you cannot keep up with the iPhone 5 rumors, here is a comprehensive and beautiful rumor roundup from Nowherelse that was posted last month.

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