Latest White iPhone 4: The Potential Problem with the Apple iPhone 4?

By Jay Shah | Apple

There is apparently a problem with the promised white version of the iPhone 4. Well, problems and the iPhone are seemingly inseparable now, if the antenna-gate is anything to go by, but the latest delay in shipping white version is actually yet to become a major issue, though the signs are ominous.

The reason why Apple is delaying the release of this much anticipated white iPhone 4 version is not known to people outside Apple and hence the rumor mills have started working overtime. Several reasons have been ‘guessed’, with problems with the glass supplier, prioritization of the black phones and antenna modification being put forth as the main ones.

But until Apple comes up with a proper explanation, nothing can be made of the situation. Their latest line, that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until later this year, has only heightened speculations about the problems behind the scenes.

This is a departure from Apple’s earlier statement that the white iPhone would be available in July. And simply saying ‘later this year’ creates a lot of confusion too.

Just imagine the scenario:

  • The white iPhone is launched in November or December (which can be an interpretation of ‘later this year’).
  • But just six or seven months down the line, you can expect the new iPhone to be unveiled at the WWDC, as has been Apple’s modus operandi for the last three years.
  • Even you are not bothered about the future iPhone release, you may be aware that Apple is being heavily tipped to release a Verizon iPhone. So if you get into a contract with AT&T for two years late this year, just a few months later you may be frustrated with the Verizon phone giving greater joy to others!

You may already be holding back your iPhone purchase (with much difficulty!) for the antenna-issue to be resolved or the for the Verizon iPhone 4 to hit the racks. Add to this the projected Christmas-time availability of the white iPhone 4 and things get even more muddled up. A safe bet would be to invest in the White iPhone, only if the antenna issue has been taken care of.

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south sider August 17, 2010

the iphone 4 is bad ass

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