The New DailyBooth App for the iPhone 4

By Jay Shah | Apple

Taking snaps of yourself and the people and places around you, is a great way to document your life. And this is exactly what the DailyBooth app for iPhone 4 urges users to do.

At the same time the iPhone 4 is currently the bestselling super-smartphone around and it has a front-facing camera too. So, it was only a matter of time before DailyBooth and iPhone 4 would come together. The good news is that now they have.

iPhone 4 Dailybooth App

The first DailyBooth iPhone app has just been made available by Apple in its App Store. The app is a no-frills, but immensely useful addition to your iPhone 4. it auto detects and uses the front-camera on the iPhone 4 and also works on any iPhone running iOS4.

There is also an option to ‘follow’ others on this service. You can access their photos and they can access yours. You can comment on their photos with text or another photo, with just a click!


To use the DailyBooth app, you have to have a DailyBooth account beforehand. This can be done by signing up at the DailyBooth website and then signing in with the app. And the sooner you do it, the more fun awaits you.

You will find that when you have posted a photo, comments will start streaming in, in no time. This is because the DailyBooth community is quite large and it’s not necessary for people to ‘follow’ someone in order to post a comment on a photo. And starting up conversations on the basis of these comments can be really exciting!

The front-facing camera in the Apple iPhone 4 was calling out for exactly this type of an app and now you can actually do a lot more with the camera than just make video calls once in a while. And who knows, maybe a video uploading feature will be next!

You can download DailyBooth app from the App Store absolutely free of cost. As far as the signing up process is concerned, hopefully changes will be made soon so that you can sign up after downloading app itself. Happy snapping, iPhone 4 users!

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