New iOS 6.0.2 Not Only Fixes WiFi Problems But Also Drains Battery of iPhone 5

By Sidharth | Apple

After releasing iOS 6.1 beta 4 firmware to iOS developers this week, Apple pushed iOS 6.0.2 update to its iPhone 5 and iPad mini users. The new firmware has, unfortunately, booked a disappointing start as it drains the battery of iPhone 5 more than ever before.

iPhone 5 users have reported that their devices barely manages to last a day, and it’s the new iOS 6.0.2 to be blamed. According to Apple, iOs 6.0.2 fixes a bug that that could impact Wi-Fi performance but it fell short of promise even here. On top of that, the poor battery life on iPhone 5 brings nothing but excruciating pain to the owners of iPhone 5.

According to this thread on Apple forum, the new firmware partially fixed the WiFi issues, but it has spawned a new issue related to battery, as we mentioned earlier. Some of the users have reported that the iPhone 5 battery didn’t get through a day, even after disengaging from activities like browsing, playing games or watching videos.

When Apple introduced iOS 6.0 firmware with iPhone 5, we expected the superior battery to last more than a day. Because of LTE, the iPhone 5 smartphones battery didn’t last longer — in fact, when we compare iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 on iOS 6, the iPhone 4S had a better battery life.

iphone 5 battery iPhone 5 Battery Doesnt Last Longer, and iOS 6 Users Believe iPhone 4S/4 Has a Better Battery Life

Next when Apple released an update to iOS 6 in the form of iOS 6.0.1 firmware, we were promised improvements in the WiFi and battery department, but nothing changed — WiFi issues remained on devices running iOS 6.0.1.

The thread has generated over 200 replies from iPhone 5 users, some of them promising to switch to Android smartphones if the problem isn’t fixed soon. But as we know, this issue has been wired into the mobile OS, and there’s very little we users can do about it. Restore your iPhone via iTunes, do a reboot, go into DFU mode, reset WiFi network (it fixes WiFi issue!) or follow these battery-saving tips, but that’s all one can do. Let’s hope Apple fixes these problems through iOS 6.1 firmware, which is said to release next month.

Are you experiencing poor battery performance on your iPhone 5? Let us know through the comment section below!

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Nelson Pasten January 3, 2013

I did not expect to have any issues with my new Iphone 5 but. I upgrade on december 2012 and i have been regretting the decision. I had an iphone 4 and never had any issues. Now i walk from my bedroom to the kitchen and there goes my Wifi.I am running ver. 6.0.2 and since the upgrade if i am using mi iphone for emails and phone calls at about 1 or 2 pm my battery is down to 10 or 15 %.
Not very happy…….

Thomas Ashbarry December 24, 2012

I have an iPhone 5 that was just great with the WIFI till I changed the password of the router,since I have not been able to log on to my secure WIFI but am able to log on to the un secures WIFI, I have 3 iPhone 4S s and every one of them are able to log on to the secured WIFI, I have reset the network settings of the 5 and reset all settings , I have done a complete restore in iTunes but still am unable to log on to my secure WIFI. I am now on the 6.2 version, it is very anoying to spend $900+ and have tis problem, hope Apple finds a fix soon

simon December 24, 2012

after the update to 6.0.2 my iphone 5 battery so poor that i think twise to turn it on for no reson …
i’m very disappointing about this new ver’ it just harms to my iphone 🙁

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