New iPhone 5 Concept is Mind Blowing!

By Sidharth | Apple

This is getting really geeky. Remember the touch-screen technology video that was posted couple of days ago? That was pretty cool. Similar concept has been designed by the folks at HandyFlash and as an icing on the cake, they’ve named the concept: iPhone 5.

This iPhone 5 design concept is.. well, sexy. Mind blowing! Imagine: fiddling with an iPhone 5 that is as thin as a credit card, has a powerful performance with 4G support that lets you download at 100mbs. And a battery that drains in a week or two. 😀


By the way, the title: ‘Revolution is coming’ would be more appropriate for iPhone 5, if at all this thing gets real! I’ll stop here and let your imagination do the talking now.

Via intomobile and Handyflash.

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