New iTunes Update: Expect Apple to Release iTunes 11 Today

By Sidharth | Apple

Here’s a secret everyone knows. Apple will be launching the new version of its popular media player anytime. The company already has a page up on their website, which reveals more about the new iTunes 11 player and the new things it brings to the table.

The media player is not here, but it is expected to be here. According to WSJ, we can expect iTunes 11 releasing today. From the WSJ article: ”Mr. Cue faces a test of how well Apple can keep up in online services with the launch of a new desktop version of iTunes, which is expected as soon as Thursday.” As is the case every time, iTunes media player will be available for both Mac and Windows PC, and yes, it will be free to download.

Apple claims iTunes 11 as the player “you’ve never seen — or used — before.” That’s a bold statement to make.

New iTunes Media Player 11

Probably considered as the weakest product in Apple’s closet, the new refreshed iTunes 11 promises to bring massive changes, and these changes are not just limited to the interface department. Sure, iTunes 11 has a sleek interface, but there’s more than just that.

New iTunes 11 Player

The media player will be able to smartly organize all your media content — movies, music, podcasts, etc. If you are using iTunes only to please your ears, then it’s possible to switch to a nifty little player called the MiniPlayer — it’s more like Windows Media Player running in mini mode.

New iTunes Miniplayer

The intelligent algorithm which iTunes is built on will give relevant recommendation as you browse through the iTunes Store. As you’d expect, iTunes 11 will have a tighter integration with iCloud.

Despite what you may think, iTunes is still the leader in the music world. With over half of the digital music download happening within the iTunes Store, and over 400 million users actively using this player all over the world, the new iTunes 11 is probably the biggest update from the fruit company. What we are after is not the new features, but how light it is, memory-wise.

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