New Photo Booth Update for Mac Mountain Lion Coming Soon?

By Sidharth | Apple

Photo Booth Recording on Mac

When it comes to clicking pictures and capturing videos from your Mac’s iSight camera, Photo Booth is probably the software you would use right away. The application, which is pre-installed on Mac OS X, may have an update very soon, according to a member at Apple forum.

Some users have reported that recorded videos on Photo Booth are out of sync, and they are all blaming Mountain Lion. “Apple confirmed it is a system-wide issue on all MacBooks running Mountain Lion and are writing a Software Update that will fix it. Should be available within few weeks,” said a member on this thread.

Sure, there’s no way to confirm the veracity of this statement, but looking at the number of people complaining about Photo Booth and how it fails to sync Meridia online audio and video makes us believe Apple is working on this issue. You never know if the fruit company has already fixed the issue in Mountain Lion 10.8.3 — the new OS update that is seeded to developers starting today.

We don’t have any juice details to make you happy, but we have gathered a few complaints and solutions from the forum. First, the complaints:

Audio and video are out of sync on both of my Late 2009 iMac and my Early 2011 MBP. Apple has made no effort to fix this and that’s ridiculous! I might be wrong but I think it started with Lion.

This is a COMMON issue. I have this problem on both my Late 2009 i7 27″ iMac and my Early 2011 MBP! I hate when we get put through the wringer when it’s obviously Apple’s issue.

I tried recording a video three times today on Photo Booth, and every time, the audio and video are out of sync.

I’m having the same issue. Bought my MacBook pro 1 week ago (on 10-16-12). Need Photo Booth video for acting rehearsals. First videos taken have audio & video out of sync.

Any fix? You can read the response one and two (which is added below for your convenience) that seem to fix the out of sync issues on Photo Booth:

Solution 1:

– Go to utilities and open your audio-midi-setup.

– check your input and output properties

– if the format is distinguishing, you have to correct the settings.

So that your format for input and output both are exactly the same. For e.g. 44100khz and 16-bit for both input and output.

Solution 2:

Fixing Photo Booth Out of Sync Problem

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