The New Transparent iPhone Concept is Amazing [Video]

By Sidharth | Apple

An iPhone Concept Made Out of Glass

We have seen them in movies and in photos. James Bond already has one. And Iron Man has something far more superior. Everyone is already predicting that “transparent” smartphones are in the works, and they will be in our hands real soon. How true is that?

Imagine a smartphone that can do double the work of desktop computer, is flexible, and lets you make video calls. All of these features exists today on every smartphone, except that none of them are really “transparent.” What if Apple really launched a transparent iPhone, and called it “isexy?”

Apple is fairly unpredictable when it comes to iPhones. We don’t know what the next-generation iPhone will have in store for us, and we don’t even know if it will be called the New iPhone or iPhone 5.

To put it bluntly, we don’t know anything about the upcoming iPhone. But we love to predict, spread rumors, and share conceptual iPhone designs.

Here’s yet another iPhone concept that will knock your socks off. Designed by 17-year-old Apple fan Dakota Adney, this transparent iPhone looks simply incredible.

This new iPhone (dubbed the iPhone 5) through its transparent screen offers iClear Retina display, has dual projectors and a virtual keyboard for typing. Photos are easier to take. Text appear legible and sharp. Apps are fun to use.

Although some of you may hate using transparent phones (because, you know, it’s just stupid), this is still a very cool concept. It’d be an amazing technological breakthrough if transparent smartphones such as the one above will be available for real in the next 5 years. What do you think?

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