Philips Shares Tips to Increase iPhone’s Battery Life

By Sidharth | Apple

To be able to do more with your iPhone, your device must have a battery that can last longer. Apple has designed iPhones (iPads and iPod Touches) in such a way that it is not possible to remove existing battery or add a new third-party battery.

We can, however, improve the battery life by tweaking the internal settings.

Philips, a market leader in healthcare, lifestyle, MP3 players (having their own Philips media player), and lighting, has come up with a set of interesting tips that can improve the battery life of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Don’t just read these exclusive tips (you saw it first here), but take action to get the most out of your iOS battery (and stop them from draining out quickly).

8 Ways to Maximize Battery Life of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Use it to Death

Every now and then, use your device until the battery is completely drained then do a full recharge. This helps keep the battery fresh and can actually help the battery maintain its charge for a longer period of time over the lifespan of the battery.

Is it Hot in Here?

Your battery’s lifespan can be affected by temperature. To make sure your battery lasts longer, try to keep your iPhone at normal room temperature range as much as possible.

Turn off Fetch

Fetch New Data consumes power because it requires using up the data service to retrieve information. Either turn off Fetch New Data or fetch less frequently. To turn Fetch New Data off or fetch less frequently, go to Fetch New Data in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

Screen Brightness

Turning down the screen brightness in Settings > Brightness will help preserve your battery capacity. You can turn on Auto-Brightness for better readability.

Quit Background Applications

Most applications don’t continue to run in the background, but those that do can have a big impact on your battery capacity. Navigation and instant messaging applications are the biggest culprits along with applications that receive push notifications when suspended.

Turn off WiFi

If you don’t need WiFi, turn it off in Settings -> Wi-Fi.

Turn off the Audio Equalizer

The sound equalizer requires a lot of power. Turn it off in Settings > iPod > EQ. If you previously applied EQ settings to individual songs in iTunes, set it to Flat rather than turning it off on your device.

Turn off 3G

3G loads data faster but it is one of the largest drains on your battery. Turning 3G off almost doubles your talk and internet time but still allows you to send data over the slower EDGE network.

These tips are applicable for all iPhone models (including iPhone 5/4S/4, etc), iPod Touch, iPad  running any iOS firmware (including iOS 5, iOS 6).

Have we missed out anything? Do you have suggestions or stories on how you were able to make your iPhone’s battery last for hours and days, or even weeks? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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