Problems With iOS 5 Beta

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If you are a developer or a member of Apple’s Developer Program, then you already have the keys to the iOS 5. You are free to play with iOS 5 beta, legally. Great. Fine.

If you are not a developer, say an Apple customer, then with a little bit of surfing you can have iOS 5 installed on your iDevice without having to pay a dime — all this and much more is possible by unethical means. A lot of these people seem to find immense pleasure in updating their device to the new OS.

There’s nothing wrong in trying out a mobile OS, especially iOS, but you also unconsciously bear the risk of screwing your device if something goes wrong.

Apparently, that’s exactly what’s happening in the Apple Discussion Forum. A large part of iOS 5 users have been riddled with many bugs, inconsistencies, etc., and the problems with iOS 5 seem never-ending to them.

Problems with iOS 5 Beta

The iOS 5 equipped iPhone freezes just when you are about to answer a call. Applications like iMessage, pictures, etc. crashes. And let’s not forget to sprinkle the issue with the pesky Wi-Fi connection that drops way too often.

Apparently, your Apple charging cable might hate iOS 5, too.

It is not just iPhone, but even the iPad and iPod touch devices are experiencing similar issues with iOS 5. Enviable number of disgruntled users in the Apple Discussion Forum, and in many Internet forums, have shared their sad part of the iOS 5 story.

But what not a lot of people remember is this: the iOS 5 is in beta stage.

You are downloading iOS Beta. Beta.

True, many of us have forgotten that iOS 5 is in beta. In other words, iOS 5 is an unfinished product. You run into the risk of making your device unstable by updating to iOS beta, and the truth is there’s no going back once you have stepped forward.

The iOS 5 is a major update for the iOS devices, and there’s room for improvement with every update. But given that iOS 5 is in beta currently, and only available for developers, the users — non-developers, that is — should by all means avoid updating to iOS 5 beta.

There has been a wealth of new addition to the iOS 5, and with every iterative updates pushed by Apple to the developers, we can expect a deluge of new features to follow.

Before things go south, you should know that there isn’t any easy way out to roll back to the previous version of iOS. If have you have already updated to iOS 5 beta, and you are done dealing with the problems, then there’s nothing you can do other than waiting for Apple to swing a new update soon.

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